Grumpy Gus Tuesday!

This morning’s sky suggested that today was going to be a rock star of a day.  See?

A couple of meltdowns (by students, not me, although I wouldn’t have been surprised) and 2 hour meeting later, I found myself droopy eyed in the car ride home craving the couch rather than the gym. However, like I said, because I do this blog, I feel more accountable for sticking with my runs.

Even with said motivation, my speed workout Tuesday did not go as planned. It was not a total fail, but certainly a half fail.  On the docket was 6 miles, with the last 2 miles being 10 sec faster than half marathon goal pace. Instead, I ran 4 miles (with 2 of them being at half marathon goal pace) then started to overheat like woah and decided to take a break to do some strength training.  I immediately broke into a sweet exercise induced rash that covered my entire body. Pretty neat. Take a look!

I tried hopping back on the treadmill to finish the last two, but .2 miles in, I knew I was done. I sprinted down the stairs (faster than on the ol’ mill) and decided to just call it quits. 14 miles for the week thus far ain’t so bad…right? Aiming for 35 for the week, but we’ll see how that goes. I had to do some tweaking of the training schedule in order to account for the wedding I’m in on Saturday and the likelihood of getting to the gym on Sunday.  Instead the week will hopefully look like this:
Monday: 10
Tuesday: 4 (booooo)
Wednesday: 7 (good luck to me. Another snowstorm on the horizon and a stupid deadmill run is on deck).
Thursday: 5
Friday: 3 (also another good luck to me…flight leaves at 7 a.m., landing at 2, rehearsal dinner at 5 p.m.)
Saturday: Wedding DAY 3 miles before hair/makeup at 8:30
Sunday: 3
Dang, that’s 7 days of running in a row. I wish I were Hungry Runner Girl, Emily from Sweat Once a Day, or the long missed Skinny Runner….they can bang out 8-15 miles a day without a care in the world and I get frustrated after 4. Seriously, they run 50-80 miles a week.  How will I ever get there?
Instead, I’ll just dream of this weather…
Instead of this weather. I’m so over it.
Let’s Chat:
Any of you going away somewhere fun for the weekend?
Any vacation plans in the works?

A bundle of nerves

Hey, YOU!
You didn’t enter my giveaway yet, did you?

Today was a tough day for me.  Really easy at school, left super early because I needed to run some errands, didn’t have a ton of work by the grace of God. See, look what I bought at Trader Joe’s!! It was a lot of quick and easy foods, because I knew I wouldn’t have time to make meals this week.

Regardless, I was a bundle of nerves throughout the day and couldn’t shake the feeling. The only thing that helped was that as soon as I got home I literally cried into Chris’s shirt (with Chris being in said shirt).  There was ABSOLUTELY no reason for it. Nothing set me off, I just carried this weight in my chest the entire day. Thankfully, that emotional outburst did the trick and I feel better now.
(Oh, you know. Just a little Natalie Dee humor to make the world go round.)
I forced myself to head to the gym and rewarded myself with some TJ’s sushi.  I went with Trader Joe’s instead of a local sushi place because I had a hankering for raw fish, yet didn’t want to indulge in as many calories. Good thinking, Lauren. Anyway, I did a HIIT workout, for everyone’s favorite workout of the week: Speed Work Tuesday.  It was pretty much the same cycle as the last few Speed Workout Tuesdays. However, because running felt so difficult for some reason, I broke up my time at the gym into three parts:

HIIT 1. Run at 7.3 mph for 1 mile,
.5 mile 8.0,
.5 mile, 7.5,
.5 mile, 8.1

STOP. Took some time to do a weight circuit, including some kettlebells.

HIIT 2. Run at 7.5 mph for .5 mile,
               .5 at 8.1 mph,
               .5 at 7.5 mph,
               Cool down mile at 7.4, for a total of 5 miles at approximately an 8:00 overall pace.

PHEW!  It took a lot to get me through that workout, but its done.  I honestly can say that knowing that I had committed to the run only yesterday and complaining that I never get in a perfect training week was the motivation I needed to get the job done.

Thank you all for holding me accountable. You rock.
Let’s Chat:
Did any of you do Speed work today?
Does the cold weather make your anxiety feel worse?  
Here is an article about how cold weather can increase and worsen symptoms of anxiety in some people. I totally TOTALLY believe it. I bet you anything it has to do with the tightness of the air (from what the article suggests) making it hard to breath and fully expand our lungs, causing those predisposed to anxiety, to feel a little panicky.

And on a lighter note, are any of you allergic to cats? 
I am…can’t even touch them. I have to pet my parents’ cat with my elbow and/or foot. Dogs for life!

Speedwork Tuesdays and a maybe you’ll run a race with me?

Hello, friends! You all know what today is…right? That’s right, it’s Speedwork Tuesday! Tuesday is the day you should commit to doing a little fun running and pushing yourself a little bit more. In order to run faster, you need to make yourself run fast! Plain and simple. How can you improve to the pace you want without a challenge?

Speedwork Tuesdays are perfect for me because I always get myself to the gym (some people prefer the track) the same night that Chris has hockey. The same could also be said for saturday mornings, as I’m trying to get back into the long run routine when Chris has games. You need to make it work for you, so if you have chorus on Tuesdays, then Speedwork Wednesdays it is.

Believe me, I get it about making it all work and fitting it all in. I get up at 5:30, am on the road at 6:30, start work before 7:30, typically put in a 9 hour+ day, have an hour long commute back, and then force myself out the door for a run or to the gym. Some nights I come right back into the loving arms of my computer to do more school work. Its hard! Some of you even have a second job or kids to take care of! If you can only do a 3 mile speedwork run, then 3 miles is better than no miles. Heck, ONE mile is better than no miles. Make it work for you.

As for me, I got to the gym and decided I would put in a good 5 miles of running and about 30 minutes of strength training. Thankfully, the circuit training machines are about 1 step away from the treadmills, making the transition painless.

The workout?
     1 mile at a 7.0 mph pace (around 8:34 a mile)
     400 m at 7.7 mph, 400 m at 7.2 mph
     400 m at 7.8 mph, 400 m at 7.3 mph
     400 m at 7.9 mph, 400 m at 7.4 mph
     1/2 mile at 7.2 mph pace, then back to 1/2 mile at 7.0 mph

*Oh yea, for those of you who don’t know… mph= Miles per hour, m=meter (400 m= 1 lap around track).


After having moved out of Southie in August, I’ve officially decided to retire the whole Southie parade scene. I have been partaking in parade day for many years now, but after the shenanigans of last year, I think it might be time to dial it down a notch. This is especially true given that I’ve moved out of the area and finding your way onto and out of the parade route can be a bit of a nightmare. 
(Oh the parade of 2011. And my long hair.)
Instead, I’m going to sign up for this race that occurs on the same day. Its a wonderfully late start of 11 a.m. and you get a snazzy t-shirt that everyone recognizes in the Boston area. After finishing the race you get a medal to hang in your shiny medal case. Medals are probably the only reason I run races. 
And then, then there is the best part. You can still indulge in a bit of St. Patrick’s fun, as there is a great post-race party sponsored by the bars in the Davis Square area (aka, free beer until the kegs get tapped). 
Who’s with me? I’m just sticking a toe in the puddle of adulthood and I’d love to have some friends to run hand in hand with. Maybe it’ll be your first 5k or your 50th, let’s just try it out together!  Register HERE!  Don’t wait. Its sold out every year for the last 8 years!!

Let’s chat:

What’s your favorite spring event to get the racing season started?