A bundle of nerves

Hey, YOU!
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Today was a tough day for me.  Really easy at school, left super early because I needed to run some errands, didn’t have a ton of work by the grace of God. See, look what I bought at Trader Joe’s!! It was a lot of quick and easy foods, because I knew I wouldn’t have time to make meals this week.

Regardless, I was a bundle of nerves throughout the day and couldn’t shake the feeling. The only thing that helped was that as soon as I got home I literally cried into Chris’s shirt (with Chris being in said shirt).  There was ABSOLUTELY no reason for it. Nothing set me off, I just carried this weight in my chest the entire day. Thankfully, that emotional outburst did the trick and I feel better now.
(Oh, you know. Just a little Natalie Dee humor to make the world go round.)
I forced myself to head to the gym and rewarded myself with some TJ’s sushi.  I went with Trader Joe’s instead of a local sushi place because I had a hankering for raw fish, yet didn’t want to indulge in as many calories. Good thinking, Lauren. Anyway, I did a HIIT workout, for everyone’s favorite workout of the week: Speed Work Tuesday.  It was pretty much the same cycle as the last few Speed Workout Tuesdays. However, because running felt so difficult for some reason, I broke up my time at the gym into three parts:

HIIT 1. Run at 7.3 mph for 1 mile,
.5 mile 8.0,
.5 mile, 7.5,
.5 mile, 8.1

STOP. Took some time to do a weight circuit, including some kettlebells.

HIIT 2. Run at 7.5 mph for .5 mile,
               .5 at 8.1 mph,
               .5 at 7.5 mph,
               Cool down mile at 7.4, for a total of 5 miles at approximately an 8:00 overall pace.

PHEW!  It took a lot to get me through that workout, but its done.  I honestly can say that knowing that I had committed to the run only yesterday and complaining that I never get in a perfect training week was the motivation I needed to get the job done.

Thank you all for holding me accountable. You rock.
Let’s Chat:
Did any of you do Speed work today?
Does the cold weather make your anxiety feel worse?  
Here is an article about how cold weather can increase and worsen symptoms of anxiety in some people. I totally TOTALLY believe it. I bet you anything it has to do with the tightness of the air (from what the article suggests) making it hard to breath and fully expand our lungs, causing those predisposed to anxiety, to feel a little panicky.

And on a lighter note, are any of you allergic to cats? 
I am…can’t even touch them. I have to pet my parents’ cat with my elbow and/or foot. Dogs for life!



As I am going out to dinner with friends tomorrow evening, I switched my “Speedwork Tuesday” workout to Monday.  I know. Things got a little…crazy.

I officially went back to school this morning and I realize that getting 10 hours a sleep is a must. That just means I have to start going to bed at 7:30 p.m. every evening. I agree with you; very feasible.
When I drove up to my building in a deep, deep fog (actual foggy weather, not what my brain was doing…wait), I tried to remember what it was that I actually did for work. I was quickly reminded the minute I walked into my office. Things started rocking and rolling right away and before I knew it, it was 2:15 and time for the kiddos to head home. One faculty meeting later and a very hungry hippo in my office (that would be me), I rolled out of the parking lot around 3:45 to head home, not before I decided on a spiffy little HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout based on one created by Nutrition Nut on the Run (I just googled HIIT workouts online). 
I had every intention of running this:
But instead, my workout looked more like this:
    1 mile at 6.8 mph
    1 mile at 7.5 mph
    1 min @ 8.4/ 1 min. @ 7.0- repeat 2x
    1 min @ 8.6/ 1 min. @ 7.0- repeat 2x
    45 second break to catch my breath
    1 min @ 8.8 / 1 min @ 7.0- repeat 2x
    1 min @ 9.0/ 1 min. @ 7.0- repeat 2x
    Move to another treadmill for more running mojo and to catch my breath
    1 mile at 6.8
PHEW!  5 miles total, not sure about the time because there was switching and brain tricking happening. Either way, I was glad to get it in, when I wasn’t so sure what kind of work out I had in me.
Total miles this week: 12 (Sunday=7, Monday=5)

When I got home, this beautiful man was making me dinner. Thanks, Chris!! Next time, don’t look so enthusiastic!

The menu for this evening consisted of Trader Joe’s Chili Lime Burgers, avocado, turkey bacon, tomatoes, and a smidgeon of mexican cheese all on two pieces of romaine lettuce. Bon Appetite! 

(What a guy!)

You might be a little curious about how I’ve been doing with the whole Weight Watchers thing after looking at that dinner. As of this morning, I put on weight from last week. Update completed.
Seriously though, I decided that this week I’m really going to try to log in my food with much more consistency, instead of just guessing that 7 pieces of fudge equals about 2 points, give or take.
How did your Mondays go today?  Did you get a workout in? What was the best thing you ate today? Anyone stranded thanks to all the canceled flights?