Well, well, well.

Ooops. Has it been like two weeks since I’ve last posted? Jessie Spano moment. Can’t really discuss the ins and outs of school and outside of school, my life has been a lot of check-ins with friends and/or running… and then more typing at night (psych eval party, Whoo hoo!). While I’ve had a fun/busy couple of weeks, I certainly wouldn’t call it blog worthy.  Who cares about what I eat, every single time I go out to dinner.

I will say though, that I have been pretty proud of the progress I have made over the last several months when it comes to running.  As you can see on the sidebar, I recently completed two-7 mile runs this week, with the second averaging about 7:55 minutes per mile. Pretty dang good if you ask me. The best part was that my treadmill runs were all unbroken. Don’t stop, get it, get it.

This Sunday, Chris and I will be running in the Rás na hÉireann 5k in Davis Square. Only 36 bibs left, in exactly this moment!! Come on, you know you want to run with us. I’ve decided that I actually want to race this event, even though I’m not “training” for a 5k. I just think it would be good for me to get in another speed sesh and really push myself during an event. Less than a month until my half marathon!

In other news, Go Mom Go and I have officially signed up for the Biggest Loser Run/Walk Half Marathon up in Killington, VT. At the very least, that woman is crossing the finish line, even if she has to drag herself across. Oddly enough, she isn’t as motivated by medals as I am, but I bet she’ll start to get a taste for racing once she participates in an event.  YOU GOT THIS!

I’ll be sure to follow up on Sunday with a race recap of our 5k. My goal is to beat 24 minutes, but I’m also not very consistent when it comes to racing. Fingers crossed! Let’s hope I actually make it to the event this time!

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