Valentine’s Day in the kitchen of Chef Chris

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! Chris and I had several ideas for Valentine’s Day plans but knowing how I would feel the Friday before my February Break, we decided that a dinner at home would be much preferred.

Chris is an amazing at-home chef, so you are in for a treat! We started with an appetizer of salmon pinwheels and Oysters Rockefeller. For the main course, we have salmon stuffed with spinach and feta with a side of sundried tomato pesto (not pictured but OMG amazing). As for dessert, Chris created homemade chocolate chip cookies and a cream cheese/peanut butter sauce to dip our cookies and chocolates into. The whole meal was amazing!!

Following dinner, we opened gifts, which was a distant second to the amazing homecooked meal! Chris purchased a massage gift certificate for me while I put together the perfect Man’s Valentine’s Day gift basket filled with the essentials (i.e., socks, underwear, undershirts). to snacks (lots and lots of chocolate and coffee), to a cute little book I picked up that had me list 40 reasons for loving Chris! 

I have to say, it was one of my favorite Valentine’s Days!  I hope every one of you was also able to enjoy yours, with company or not!  Today, I atoned for my sins by running 7 straight unbroken miles on the good ol’ mill, while Chris heads to a bachelor party. Woof!


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