Phew, what a week!

Sorry for the delay, folks! When blogging isn’t your moneymaker you sometimes have to put it on the backburner when life gets a little busy!  As you all know, I was away in Tampa, FL for the weekend in order to attend the wedding of my best friend from growing up!  While I wasn’t very good at taking pictures because I was so involved in the event, I did get a few shots that I thought would be wonderful to share with you.

As for running and food, I’ve definitely taken a step back in the amount I’ve run, but I’ve been really good at eating mostly carb free since I’ve been back from Florida (which was amazingly difficult while I was down there).  Regardless, I’m feeling really good about the way I’ve been eating this week and have even found that my stomachaches have taken a break! Food or stress related, I’m just happy that my irritable gut/bowel are calm for the time being.

Better yet, next week is February break!  It couldn’t have come at a better time. For all of you school folk…you know how crazy things get the week leading up to a vacation! Its like a full moon for an entire 5 days!  Anyway, here are some highlights from the weekend (which are not really highlights because I only pulled out my camera when I wasn’t busy with bridesmaid duties).

God what I wouldn’t give to be back in that weather. 70 degrees and sunny on our last day (a little colder the two days prior). I miss you Florida! I miss you Jody!

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