Did you miss me, fuelbelt?

Listen.  I ain’t no fool.  I know that six miles doesn’t require a fuelbelt.  But, like I said.  I ain’t no fool.  I know myself and the temperature and I knew that my six mile walk/run fail would have never gotten off the ground without some sun protection and hydration.  Come on September. (And by the way, there was NO way it was cloudy.)

Ooo reflectors!
After gearing up, I headed out the door for the longest long run I have run in two months. 31, err 6 miles.
Yup, you heard me correctly, I haven’t run more than 6 miles at a time in 2 months.  Heck, I probably haven’t run 6 miles in a week in the last month.  I told you I was on an emotional injury fueled by summer and love. hahah.  I know its bad, but guess what. I got out there and I’m proud of myself.
Well, half disappointed, half proud.  I’m glad I tackled it, I’m sad that I had to take it at a run/walk formation lasting about 60 minutes.  Sure when I ran was fast, but when I walked, it really balanced out those averages. And I walked a lot. Pffft.
I keep trying to tell myself that it doesn’t matter to anyone else but me, but I know you readers; I know you well.  You love fast and you love furious.  So I vow to you, that I will get myself back in this game.  I don’t want to look like this anymore after the 5 mile mark…
And props to all my readers that have recently messaged me about their injuries. You are all champs.  This runs for you.
My goal is to get in 20 miles this week.  That’s running 5 miles, 4 times, or a combination of a million things, like running 14 miles my next run, or like… 6 today then 6, then 6, then 2.  But 20 it is for week 1 back into running. I don’t want injuries, I don’t want a superstar run schedule, I just want to balance my brain and my body.
Can you help me reach my goal by sending a little motivation my way?  Pwease?

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