A weekend away and back to adventure camp

Man oh man, I have not stopped traveling this summer!  Just got back from a whirlwind tour in New York State to see my sister sing, go out with some college friends in Saratoga, and then celebrate my brother’s birthday!  Never was there a moment to exercise, I’m not even kidding. Its like when Jessie Spano had that panic attack on Saved by the Bell.  “Time?!! There’s never any time!!” At least I can say that it’s been fun! Check it out!

Seriously so ridiculous!  Not to mention…I’m back at adventure camp for the next two weeks so today’s crosstraining included kayaking!  I don’t want to reveal the name of my camp, but I will let you know that I work at an adventure camp that encourages its campers to Step Outside!

We go out on daily adventure trips that include hiking, canoeing, kayaking, biking, rollerblading, high ropes, indoor/outdoor rock climbing, and more!  Not to mention, during the second half of every two-week session, we go on a little ol camping trip for several days in various beautiful locations around New England!  Next week I’ll be traveling to Camden, Maine for four days to go camping with the kids.  The trip also includes sea kayaking and taking a ferry to bike around Iylesboro, Maine for the day.

If you want me to brag I will.  Its like, the best summer job ever!  Now go STEP OUTSIDE!

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