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Maine Event

As you know I went away for 4 days to Camden Maine and was off the grid the entire time.  I came back to enjoy my time off, go to the beach, continue to stay away from the computer, and started to get back into my running routine.  I have also been babysitting for my favorite “Bear” ever this week and made dinner plans each night.  BF has been nursing a knee injury that has certainly off put his marathon training, so fingers crossed it actually isn’t a torn Meniscus like the doctor suspects.

Anyway, want to see a photo montage of some beautiful shots of Maine?  Thought so!

Lots of ferry rides, bike rides, kayaking, walking, and camping!  Love my adventure camp!  Also, did you know that school starts next week!  I’ll be back to my real routine come the first.  I’m scared for this!  I also took on more responsibilities with the Mass School Psych Assc. in an effort to become the Most Improved Member (an award I made up for myself!).  Hopefully I won’t be complaining like I did last year about how tired I am all the time!  At least I was able to enjoy this beautiful beautiful summer.

It’s for the children.

So I’m currently camping in Camden, writing this post from my iPhone. Holy mother Mary it rained all afternoon when setting up tents. They were soaked!! Luckily, the weather (and kids) have been winding down in order for me to check in with all my readers… At 11 pm. Tomorrow it’s biking and then Thursday it’s kayaking. Yay for adventure! My life and running routines can resume to normal next week!


Lauren= fail at blogging this summer.  I just. have. not. had. time.  I haven’t even had time to download my photos from the Yankees game.  Tonight I’m busy packing and then am heading to Camden, Maine for the rest of the week where I will be camping with 15, 13-year-olds.  I will be back on Friday to sleep and then out for Restaurant Week in Boston!  Please don’t be mad at me!

(A picture of the counselors after a storm last summer. Raining and camping= wet.)

Attention Female Runners

I’ve not been home the last few days and am about to embark on one last New York trip this summer.  Off to Yankees Stadium!  I swear I’m not cheating on the Red Sox…. but its a family tradition to go. 

I decided to write this short post because of the inspirational photo I saw on facebook from Will Run for Margaritas aka I run like a girl.  I loved its message (even with the spelling errors). I have to remember that I’m married to running; in sickness and in health, til death do us part.  Running makes me feel stronger, improves my confidence, and reaffirms that my most important relationship is always going to be with myself.

Remember this when you feel tired, rejected, hurt, embarrassed, disappointed, frustrated, or defeated.  Running keeps you in the moment with yourself.

Enjoy all of your weekends and I’ll be back to post on Sunday!

New Mizuno Wave Precisions

Since my marathon days are long gone, and the mileage and months have passed, I’ve taken some time to think about what shoe I should move into next.  I loved my Asics Gel Kayanos for marathon training, however I know they are a bit too heavy for lighter training and shorter distances.  Low and behold, I discovered the Mizuno Wave Precision 11 shoes.

Although I realize that a later version has come out of the shoe, I looked up some specs and discovered that there were only minor touch ups.  Thus, making the 11’s much more affordable, especially when one has a $25 Amazon Coupon she received back in 2006!  Woah. Woah. Woah. Hold the phone. As I was writing this post, I realized that Running Warehouse has them even cheaper for $60!!!  And free shipping!

ANYWAYYY> before I got to try out my new little precious’s, I had to get through a day of adventure camp…and look what the cat dragged in.

A day full of rollerblading! (By the way, due to inclement weather, tomorrow I’ll be heading to an indoor water park, ha!) Because I work with 12-13 year olds, I had to follow the counselor code of honor (I made this up) that you must always be weird, yet always be a role model. Thus, we have a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and sweet rainbow socks.  My co-counselor Jen also rocked this look!

Awesome.  So after a day full of lessons around my good ol’ South Boston Castle Island, I got home and felt the opposite of good.  I felt bad, real bad. Like cranky, headache, tired bad.  The run didn’t look feasible.

Yet, I persevered. Hollllaa!!! Something inside of me was like. LAUREN. Get out there and RUN!  You have to test out these new Mizuno’s and see if they are worth the penny that bought them! 

Then I ran. 
The Mizuno Wave Precisions are a training/racing shoe.  They are light, they are airy, and in one run I noticed a huge difference in the way I felt.  Although my 3.5 mile run was at an 8:30 pace, slower than some other runs, I felt AWESOME.  There are a neutral runner’s shoe, although someone with a little bit of a later overpronation in their foot strike, such in moi, benefits from a tiny bit of stability which the Mizuno’s certainly provide despite the lighter feel. Obviously not the stability of a marathon shoe, but I don’t need shoes to keep my feet happy and healthy for 26.2 miles.  More like, 13.1. 
(BT dubbs. My pacing was slower because I’m building endurance, thanks in part to reading Cely from Running Off the Reeses’ post about the book Run less Run faster.  This girl’s got speed.  She ain’t got endurance.  YEa yea yea. I know, I’m faster than a lot of other newbie runners, but its no where near where I want my pace to be…Cue Boston Qualifying time.  Years of work will go into that…So right now I’m learning to not run as fast in order to build up my endurance.  I’m tired of my everyday speedwork sesh’s.  They donna help NOBODY.)
When I got home, I took off my shoes, and then kissed them.  Mostly because I needed to take a picture.
Little did you know, I was kissing them as I flexed the shoe on my muscle. Well, you might have known because you looked at this blog.  But I digress.
I love the Mizuno Wave Precision running shoes and I hope you do too.
P.s.- Yes this is the exact outfit that Skinny Runner had on. I don’t care, I bought it. I’m weak.  She’s pretty, and fast, and I want to be TOO.

A weekend away and back to adventure camp

Man oh man, I have not stopped traveling this summer!  Just got back from a whirlwind tour in New York State to see my sister sing, go out with some college friends in Saratoga, and then celebrate my brother’s birthday!  Never was there a moment to exercise, I’m not even kidding. Its like when Jessie Spano had that panic attack on Saved by the Bell.  “Time?!! There’s never any time!!” At least I can say that it’s been fun! Check it out!

Seriously so ridiculous!  Not to mention…I’m back at adventure camp for the next two weeks so today’s crosstraining included kayaking!  I don’t want to reveal the name of my camp, but I will let you know that I work at an adventure camp that encourages its campers to Step Outside!

We go out on daily adventure trips that include hiking, canoeing, kayaking, biking, rollerblading, high ropes, indoor/outdoor rock climbing, and more!  Not to mention, during the second half of every two-week session, we go on a little ol camping trip for several days in various beautiful locations around New England!  Next week I’ll be traveling to Camden, Maine for four days to go camping with the kids.  The trip also includes sea kayaking and taking a ferry to bike around Iylesboro, Maine for the day.

If you want me to brag I will.  Its like, the best summer job ever!  Now go STEP OUTSIDE!