No, I did not die!

Sorry bloggy friends.  I needed a TO! I had to wait until my computer was revived from the dead, and then I have been taking the sweetest time out while I finished school, dated, recovered from the marathon, slept a lot, had fun on the fourth, completed a session of my adventure camp, and then camped in vermont with those little kittens from camp.

Here are just a few pics from the fourth of july, after chartering a small ship to sail around the harbor for the evening! Sorry I don’t have a ton more…as I said, my computer crashed, thus taking many of pictures since 2008 with it. Booo.

However, in that time I’ve had a lot of fun and have lost 5 pounds through the magic of french fries and a severe lack of exercising (I mean…as compared to my marathon training).  Thankfully, I have signed up for another race thanks in part to the fact that my boyfriend is currently training for the Baystate Marathon here in Mass!  That same day I will join him and complete a half marathon before finding my place to cheer him on!

Interested… check out their site.  I also have posted a link to Runners World about training for your first half!!! Check it out HERE!! In the meantime…I’m off to the OBX!! Let’s chat when I get back after next week.


3 thoughts on “No, I did not die!

  1. Ahh you are so sweet! I haven't been home at all this summer and since I blog for fun and not for a career, I've decided to leave the computer at home during my adventures! I am actually going to try to write a post today!

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