Its my birthdayyy!!!


Little meltdown of love and experimental tuesday

FYI- Donations for team in training close tomorrow at 5 p.m.  If you want to donate…now is your chance!!

Ya anyway, I have been having a bit of a meltdown lately about all this tapering.  Sure, I’m running just as long in just as many days, but the intensity of the runs has significantly died down.  I have also been a little bit more….emotional….then in the last couple of weeks. TO TOP IT ALL OFF, my birthday is on Friday and it’s not even something I’m thinking about.


I am Lauren.  And I am tapering.  I have taper madness.
Weight gain, Tearfulness, Melancholy, Low Energy, Fatigue, ADHD, High Energy, Bird Poop.

I emailed Becca about what was going on with me, and this was some of her response.

Hey Lauren!!
That’s why I started sending out my pre-marathon emotional emails, because it is SO SO SO common. It’s a hell of a journey, but honestly, nothing in the world (except having a child) compares to crossing the finish line in a MARATHON.. Think about the fact that TWO (as in 1.. 2..) of the population will EVER run a marathon!!! Here is another article I have, I cut and pasted the most important parts!
Preparing to run a marathon not only requires physical preparation but also an emotional and spiritual preparation. Marathon preparation occurs over many months with the anticipation of running a  specific marathon in one particular city.  For beginning runners, understanding the process in which beginners prepare for marathons both physically and mentally, will ensure a more smooth transition and guaranteed success at passing through the marathon finish line.

Beyond physical training, the beginning runner will endure emotional and mental preparation prior to a marathon. While for most runners, the goal is not to win the race but, instead, to simply finish.   Especially during the first marathon, the runner will undergo a transformation, both spiritually and mentally, as they experience the achievement of a goal which few are able to a achieve.  Working the body into a state in which endurance, over a long period, is appreciated while maintaining mental awareness. This is most often attributed to imbalance of hormones.

It is normal to experience intense emotions before a marathon. Many athletes feel very anxious and most feel some degree of anxiety. Anxiety can be related to inadequate race preparation.However, they should try to interpret these feelings to mean that they are excited; marathon are by its very nature uncertain, and even the most confident athletes still have a degree of anticipation regarding how things will turn out. It is possible to feel anxious but to interpret these feelings in a motivational way as being ready to perform. Anxiety can be a good thing!! Lauren- you are READY!

She’s right.  I’m ready.  I have to keep telling myself that.  Plus, I really have the best cheerleaders ever…those new and old!  If you have tips, I welcome any and all to get me through these next two weeks!!

I decided to go out today to see what it felt like to do an easy run.  About 5.5 miles with a little walking sprinkled about.  My hamstrings were feeling a little bomb from that Frog Jump workout on Toneitup.com

First, let’s look at me taking pics of me with my Iphone.  First, here is moi pre-run.  Idk why it’s red up in here.

Ya, I know I know, I shouldn’t be complaining, but I’ve never felt confident about me body, especially my stomach…and the last few days I’ve felt like a hellaphant.
Then…after 5.5 miles in the heat and sunshine.  I looked like this:
After a beautious run, and some smart eating today (Green Monster Smoothie for breakfast, tortellini with chicken sausage, goat cheese, broccoli, and butternut squash for lunch, almonds and an orange for snack) because I cried so much last night, I tried out my EXPERIMENTAL TUESDAY SMOOTHIE!
Not sure how I really felt about it…the broccoli kind of reminded me of almond butter when all was said and done…but it included:
3 strawberries
1 handful of broccoli
3 chunks of frozen mango
several blackberries
1 orange
1 cup of almond milk
tiny splash of strawberry crystal light

I know it’s interesting, I know its good…but this run and experimental tuesday, along with some sweet texts and trying to focus on my birthday first…has really helped me to focus on the important things.  Like, my awesome life!

Proof of the PR

Why yes I did take a screenshot of the race results.  Why, yes…I did cover up my last night with my official blogging last name. Yes, I will eventually get my butt to the gym to do some cardio and strength train instead of tooling around on the internets.  Its a crosstrain day, bitties!

New PR!

I have no race pics to post, nor did I take any pics with my camera, but I just ran a 5 miler in 39:40, with my splits averaging 7:56 a mile! Yahoo!!

I am a bad blogger

Ok, we all know why I started the blog, and I am determined to continue this party train until the marathon: which is only 2 weeks away!!!!  AHHHHH.

Although I have enjoyed blogging and reading about fitness and marathon training, I don’t see myself living in the blogging world full time.  I set this account up to hold myself accountable to the race, and to focus on some difficult issues I was struggling with at the time.

I’ve come out of it feeling 100 percent better and proud of myself.  I know I’ll finish the marathon; whether or not I’m dragging myself across or sprinting without a scratch, I know I’ll get it done.  I think the most important part of training has been the commitment I have put in to prove to myself that I had the strength and dedication to follow through.  I was also able to achieve my goal minimums through Team in Training, and made the experience even more worthwhile.  I am also proud of myself because I needed a mental health break this past winter/beginning of spring, and I was able to give myself that time to heal and become stronger…just like a muscle.  You break it down and then take a rest, only to build it up.

Things are good.  They are really good. My number one job is having fun (besides being a school psychologist) so I have somehow successfully managed to work, train, and socialize, with only feeling slightly tired.  Well, that tiredness caught up with me a bit this week, but I still was able to taper down and get 24 miles in.  Let’s do a bit of a recap of christmas’s (or just last week) pasts…as well as what tomorrow brings…

(Please note, all these photos were taken with my IPHONE!  as my birthday is next week; thus ending my champagne year of life.)

So. First thing first, obviously, as mentioned above….I got an Iphone1

Here is a photo shoot of me at work, with my Iphone.  

Then I ventured off to the red sox game….

This was the most uncrowded I’ve ever seen Fenway, but that was thanks to the week long rainfest ala Noah’s Ark.  We still won at the bottom of the 9th!

Friday, I went to a co-workers fundraiser last night, although there is only one picture documenting that I was actually there.

Today was a long run of 8 miles around the Charles.  I was dehydrated.  It did not go as planned, although there was a free concert going on at the Hatchshell (a stage along the Charles River) so I got to walk through and spectate that for a bit.  I also took some stellar pics with my dual purpose iphone/camera/ipod.

Tomorrow I’m running the Harpoon Brewery 5 miler around Southie.  I can’t wait!  Because of this, I have decided to lay low for the evening.  I have also decided to lay semi low for the next two weeks (with the exception of my birthday next friday!!) 

I can’t believe that I have accomplished so much this year, such as a half marathon, traveling to italy, and also training for and running in a marathon a week after my birthday!   Its been one of the most inspiring, frustrating, amazing years of my life.  I am an accomplished woman. 🙂