Ok I have been reading up on Gluten Free Diets and dieting in the running world in general….as well as CEP compression socks.  At some point this week, I will be able to blog again, but its just that insane.  I even forgot I had parent/teacher conferences on Thursday night!!! (although no parent or teacher conferences with me). 

I had two ridiculously long days on Monday and Tuesday… and haven’t been able to exercise.  Two days off have already left me super anxious.  I don’t like that feeling. 

The next post will talk about taking time off in training and dieting, as that has been causing me a little bit o’ stress lately!


2 thoughts on “SO BUSY!

  1. I happened to see your post on running off the reese's blog about a gluten free diet, and it peaked my interest. i've been on one for nearly 2 years now. are you doing it for health reasons (i.e. a gluten allergy) or for dietary reasons? It can be really tough, given that you really can't eat out anywhere, but it's doable. 🙂

  2. Ash, good question. I actually have had stomach issues my whole adult life and had considered it, but mostly was interested in researching all the food philosophies out there because so many athletes have chosen to go gluten free as of late. I know that, for me, it is making me super anxious to think about having to restrict eating habits; i mostly eat consciously and organically and leave it at that. However, the more I learn about running, the more I learn about food and the more I think about weight. Its just a topic that has always been difficult for me, so I wanted to go out there and give information to anyone interestd in changing their eating habits, but also staying SANE!

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