Sara bought me some peanuts and cracker jacks

Actually.  That’s not true.  Sara bought a pretzel and popcorn at the Red Sox game on Monday night and I just stole some of it when she was staring directly at me not looking. 

So.  I totally absolutely love the Red Sox.  I average about 11-12 games a season, and you will most likely see me at a bar on saturday nights looking at the tv instead of my friends or the scene.  Last night was no exception.  The only sad part was the score, which wound up being 15-3, Tampa Bay, thus clearing the entire stadium.  I think the only good thing that could come out of the Red Sox playing so badly at the start of this season is that it mayyyyy drive down ticket prices…which would totally be awesome.

I am Lauren the Invincible and I love sports.  Enjoy the highlights of my adventure!


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