Lady Gaga – Judas (Audio)

Haha this is the only thing I’ve had time to blog about this week. Don’t worry, this afternoon I will be back, I promise my loVES! Also, add this song to your playyyliisttts!



Ok I have been reading up on Gluten Free Diets and dieting in the running world in general….as well as CEP compression socks.  At some point this week, I will be able to blog again, but its just that insane.  I even forgot I had parent/teacher conferences on Thursday night!!! (although no parent or teacher conferences with me). 

I had two ridiculously long days on Monday and Tuesday… and haven’t been able to exercise.  Two days off have already left me super anxious.  I don’t like that feeling. 

The next post will talk about taking time off in training and dieting, as that has been causing me a little bit o’ stress lately!


it’s 4:00 a.m. in the morning and I randomly woke up to check my email and I feel sick about the kindness I received from an anonymous donor who pushed me to my donation goal.  i literally started crying and can’t imagine that anyone would care this much about me, but would care this much about my cause.  But thank you to the ANONYMOUS donor that has either followed me through facebook, responded to one of my million emails, or my blog for making this happen.  I feel sick.  This is amazing.  Someone out there is amazing.  Could have been a friend, a family member, a facebook friend, a community member, a teacher from my high school, a friend’s boss, a coworker, a community store owner, a national store owner, or a blog follower.  DOESN”T MATTER. THIS PERSON ROCKS!

LET’S NOT STOP THERE!  This person left a comment saying that they hoped I far exceed my goals.  SO LET’S DO THAT!  Keep donating!  Its not for me, its for a cure!

In the end, I have to thank ALL of the people who donated, because I wouldn’t have ever made it to my minimum goal without the support of everyone who gave so thoughtfully.  THANK YOU!

Any takers?

Anyone want to buy this shirt for me, for my fundraiser?!?  I saw these in person while I was at the Boston Marathon Expo.  You can buy it here.  Size XS because their v-necks run a size large?  Any takers???  Well if you want it for yourself, you can purchase it at Raw Threads.  Its sustainable apparel and athletic gear made up of bamboo and organic cotton.  I own a pair of running capris and they are really comfortable and wick away moisture like woah. 

Here comes peter cottontail!

Dear cats and kittens,

You’re about to embark on a post not related to training whatsoever, other than the fact that I mentioned that I ran.  Don’t worry, I have every intention of telling you about my CEP compression socks that I bought and a training plan I was looking into last night.

So…here is the training part.  I ran 30 miles this past week.  Thanks to all of you who commented or talked to me in person about my poofy foofy run on saturday, because I should in all actuality be proud of myself for having run 30 entire miles in one week!  This saturday we drop down in mileage again and will only run 12.  Isn’t that funny to hear/say?  I only have to run 12 this weekend.  Pffft.

After my 16 miler, I made the worst decision possible and drove directly to my parent’s house in upstate NY.  This was a terrible decision because I just ran in the rain, for 2 and a half hours, and did not stretch properly OR shower before sitting in a sitting position for 3 hours on the road.  Owwwww.  My butt hurt so much the next day!  Regardless, it was a quick but happy trip home.  Me loves me family!  I wish I had had a little more time, but I already gave go mom go the heads up that training is taking precedence this year.  She understands, mostly because the living room is being done and there was ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE to sit except for in the kitchen or laying in my parents bed.  Just imagine 3 adult children and 2 adult parents laying in a communal bed together.  I mean…it happens, whatever.  How else were we going to watch a movie that I couldn’t stay awake for?

Before we had a party in the USA, my mom made a spinach lasagna and treated us to NY wine from a winery in her hometown!  Here is an aeriel view of the meal. My mom suggests using precooked lasagna for nights when you want to throw together a semi-quick meal although it does take about an hour to cook.

Ok, and here it is in another angle.
And lastly, here it is on my plate!  Thank goodness I had leftovers for today and tomorrow’s lunch!
Here is my brother enjoying his lasagna.  He still looks like Jeremiah Johnson.  
And finally, here is the FAMOUS go mom go, daddy-o, and brother indulging in deliciousness (my sister was at a concert)!
 Lastly, here is a picture of me rocking my Chilly Half Marathon superstar shirt.
 The next morning, we woke up early to head to Church for Easter service.  Sadly, the eggs we had made for cracking (you know when you color hardboil eggs and you hit them together to see who’s cracks first?  Apparently its called Egg tapping and its a real thing.  Read about it on Wikipedia here! Its kind of like when you leave your shoe out on St. Patrick’s day and the leprechaun puts peanut butter in it.  Apparently my family is the only one with these traditions???) were left out all night thanks to, ahem, Daddy-o.  So instead, my brother and I threw them into trees and our garage to make them burst.
As for my easter basket….I GOT AN ELECTRIC ToOTHbrush from the EASTER BUNNY!  Yes, he still visits me at the age of 27.  I will never stop believing in him and Santa.
This is a picture of me on the way to church, showing you my pretty teeth. Fitflosser probably loves me for getting an electric toothbrush.  My dental hygienist is always yelling, YES, yelling at me to get one.
Oh look, here is a shot of my sister and I.  She’s sitting on the computer and I’m kissing the chocolate easter bunny I gave her.  She didn’t love it.  She will also probably really love that I put up this picture.  You can see a close-up of THE courtney sister of all-time in my I love Courtney post.
What a wonderful time with my family.  I misses them, and it was good to see my grandparents on Easter day as well.  I didn’t get a picture of the entire family because I forgot my camera existed between taking pictures of my teeth and my sister on the computer.  
A highlight of the day was when a spider fell on my grandma’s neck in the middle of dinner.  No offense grandma, but I’m glad it wasn’t me.  
Happy Easter yesterday, nerds!  Anyone else have super awesome holiday plans this weekend?

A rainy saturday run

16 miles today.  In the rain.  I even wore a hat because I needed to keep the rain out of my eyes, which is something I never do.  Props to the Brooks Clover hat, because it totally represents the Irish center of Boston; Southie!
Also, I hate to say it, but I ran like my legs were tree trunks, but the rest of my running team kicked BUTT! I literally ran 1 minute per mile slower than I normally do.  My average pace per mile today was 9:17.  Blah.  I normally can run a strong 8:15-8:30.  Now, for some of you, that’s a downright respectable time, especially when running a long run in the rain.  But, for me, I was thoroughly bummed out.  Yes, I PR’d in distance today, as I have never run 16 miles before, but time wise, it was a wash out.
Becca even had this to say in an email after our run:
I wanted to tell you, on your long(er) runs forget about your watch! Focus on how you are feeling! You want to finish these runs feeling great, like you did today, even in nonsense weather!! Once you continuously finish feeling strong, we will incorporate the watch in and show you how to run negative splits! You can still run with your watch, (for distance and knowing what mile you are at, but really don’t get hung up in your times on distance runs!) The point of these long runs is to work hard, and leave some in the tank, where you know you can keep going if you need to!
She’s right, because I did finish that run feeling completely fine.  My lungs weren’t tight, I didn’t feel like I needed to lay down and die, and I just ran right to the recovery snacks needing to stretch out my hamstrings.  But I was still frustrated!
I know (not for health or beauty standards) that to improve my time, I need to lose some weight.  I’m fully aware of this, but its hard when I’m at my “happy weight” outside of the world of running.  I feel comfortable and confident in my skin and for the first time in my 27 years, I haven’t uttered the words “I need to lose weight” when looking at the mirror.  What a huge accomplishment for me.  However, in the world of running, I need to lose some weight to improve speed.  Running longer distances, and for longer amounts of time will also help.  I should also not forget to do my speedwork on tuesdays.  There are lots of training habits and commitments that need to happen prior to running a marathon.
What I realized today is that more than half of this game is mental.  I got into my head the moment I took my first step.  I wanted to stop within the first three miles but thank god for my running team, that I never actually let that happen.  Throughout this morning, as difficult as it was to get through the first 8 miles, then back the next 8, I realized I really love this challenge.  I love getting up saturday mornings for these runs, even if my brain hit a cement wall.  I love knowing that I’m pushing myself and giving it everything I have.  As an adult, especially one who isn’t hitting the “typical” milestones like many of her peers, you need to find other things that motivate you; other mile makers (literally) that take time, patience, dedication, and commitment to get to the end and feel satisfied by.
But what worries me just a tad, is how I’ve used this training to really get my mind focus on other things in life, and replaced some hurt feelings with running.  WHICH is totally awesome and healthy, but I need to come up with a plan for myself when I’m not hyperfocused on my training 24/7.  Literally, I eat, sleep, breath, and blog about running.  Its really all I think about lately, which I am totally excited by.  I feel welcomed into a happy and healthy peace-minded and goal oriented cult of awesomeness.  However, I noticed, lately, that a lot of my conversations are focused on running, and I keep planning for what comes next.  What happens after I run this marathon, that I never thought I would ever ever accomplish in my lifetime.  Will I sign up for another one?  Will I join a running team not associated with Team in Training?  Will I find something else to push myself to do?
I’m not sure I know…at least…for right now.  And I guess I have to be ok with this, and be ok with loving this thing called running, and be ok with loving that I ran 16 miles, whether they be the fastest 16 miles in the history of mankind, or the slowest ones to boot.  Either way, I need to appreciate what this training has done for me, and love it for its ups and downs.  Because after this, I can never tell myself I can’t do anything, in life or in exercise.  How can I complain about the rain ever again, when I just rain 16 miles in it?  How can it ever be too cold, or too late to exercise?  How can I ever tell myself that I can’t accomplish something, because I know, that even if my brain wants me to stop, I will finish it.  Isn’t that awesome?
So cheers to a slow 16 miler, because even when I thought I couldn’t do it, I could.  Cheers to getting up on saturdays and going to bed early on fridays.  And super 100x awesomer cheers to my running team this morning for killing it out there.  They have really improved in speed and endurance and I couldn’t be more proud! And cheers to me for training for a marathon.

Kosher for Passover recipes!

Listen kids.  I’m not Jewish, although I can be for the right man, wink wink. Hahahha. Just kidding!  But seriously, I have a lot of friends who are, and like to keep kosher for passover.  Some bend the rules throughout the rest of the year, but being Kosher for Passover and making sure no rising bread enters their mouths is a big priority this time of year!  So, because I hung out with Jewish Baby Snake and her Jewish beau, we partook in some kosher recipes and treats!

This recipe is entitled: “We can’t cook, but we have to keep Kosher for Passover Pizza”

The ingredients include:                    Matzo- however much you like
                                                          Kosher Pizza Sauce
                                                          Any other Kosher ingredient you can think of

First step is to cover a cookie tin with aluminum foil and break up the matzo into pieces

Get your kosher tomato sauce ready!  Just pour it on top of the matzo!
If you’re feeling a little….crazy…you can add artichoke sauce instead.
Top it all off with cheese and put it in the toaster oven for as long as you fancy! Basically, until the cheese melts. 
Take it out. 
For some dessert make yourself some Kosher brownies!!!  I didn’t make these, I just ate them.  THEY WERE OUT OF THIS WORLD!

I found a recipe from a Kosher Blog here!
Happy Passover my loves!