Adele – Set Fire to the Rain

I love this song more than anything right now.  Listen to it. (Thanks Molly!)

Anyway, so today I didn’t exercise because I knew I wouldn’t have time, so I made it my rest day. Instead, I got my pupils dilated to the size of my actual eyeball, cried in the car because I need new glasses because my eyes are getting worse but they are so expensive and I NEED them in order to survive because my vision is terrrrrible, on top of that I have to buy contacts, aaaand then became happy again once I calmed myself down and told Sara I was going to meet her in Coolidge Corner in Brookline for dinner.

I pride myself in feeling my feelings and then moving on from them.  I don’t dwell on much because I work through them just as quickly as they come on (with a few exceptions because, remember, I just found out I’m human).  So, the remainder of my evening was phenomenal because I took a picture of my eyes…

Then went to Trader Joe’s to grocery shop the snoopy snap out of that place (where I also picked up some almond flour and chocolate chips to check out a new recipe this weekend).

Went to dinner with Sara at Coolidge Corner clubhouse where I ate my third favorite food group behind nachos and frosting; Sweet Potato Fries!….
Drove past the Citgo sign reminding of my spring and summer nights spent in Fenway with the beautiful Red Sox….

And then came home to put away my new multivitamins and my restock of Omega-3 Fish oil, which is sure to make my skin and bones more beautiful.  
Happy Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “Adele – Set Fire to the Rain

  1. My question is, of course, “how on earth did you drive home with your pupils dilated to the size of your eyeballs?” One would think your vision would be …well…a bit…cloudy???
    No more tears…break it down….it will be ok!

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